Liquid Sulphur fertilizer

Material phase: Liquid
Compounds: Sulfur , Potassium
Suitable for:All Plants
Packaging: 5 & 20 Litre
Cautions: For foliar spraying, the tank shall be clean. Do not mix with other chemicals. Do not mix with strong acids.

Attributes: Liquid Sulfur has super therapeutic and protective properties against Alternaria sp, Plasmopara sp Uncinula sp, Erysiphe sp, Sphaerotheca sp, powdery mildew (sp Venturia) (apple and pear black spot disease) and Taphrina sp (peach leaf deformation disease) and mite (galza mite, tartan mites), aphids, lice and thrips.

Liquid Sulphur utilization In hydroponic cultivation, causes ornamental flowers to open early, and it also improves the quality factors of products such as color, taste, brix, and fruit aroma, and significantly increases fruit weight and volume.

  • Category: Bon Farm, Bon Shat
  • وضیعت انبار: unavailable
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