Calcium polysulfide fertilizer | Sulfur and calcium

Polysulfide fertilizer It contains calcium polysulfide and calcium thiosulfate, which, in addition to the nutritional properties of sulfur and calcium, is considered an organic pesticide.

Poly sulfide Very effective against pistachio and pear psyllium, silver mite, shield mite, minnow and citrus weevil, rose whitefly, minnow and cucumber mite, greenhouse whitefly, rice plastid, bacterial canker, fungi and surface whitefly, the cause of peach leaf curl.

The benefits of using calcium polysulfide fertilizer

  • pH regulator
  • Increased resistance to pests and diseases
  • Releasing fixed elements in soil
  • Increasing photosynthesis level and chlorophyll production of plants
  • Reducing the effects of soil salinity
  • Prevention of calcium deficiency symptoms, cell wall strengthen

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