About RooyeshPars

Rooyesh Pars Green Iranians Industrial Group, as a member of the industrial sector, commenced its activities in 1392 (Solar Hijri year) with the aim of enhancing quality, increasing production per capita, and processing agricultural inputs. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and global technology, utilizing renowned consultants and professors, experienced personnel, and relying on its expertise, the group produces and supplies various chemical and organic fertilizers while adhering to international standards, both in terms of quality and environmental considerations. Currently, the products of this group are marketed under two well-known brands: Bonfarm and Hexal.

The use of the best raw materials and technology has led Rooyesh Pars Green Iranians’ products to be well-received in export markets in recent years. Each year, a significant portion of the company’s production enters international markets, contributing to Iran’s recognition as one of the top producers of agricultural inputs globally.

Obtaining content label conformity certificates and fertilizer registration certificates for the company’s products from the National Institute of Soil and Water Research is another testament to the activities of Rooyesh Pars.

At Rooyesh Pars Industrial Group, we believe in continuous and comprehensive improvement of our production activities. We consider it a perpetual challenge to employ the best and most efficient methods in our productions, striving to achieve higher quality and greater customer satisfaction. Your collaboration on this journey is our source of pride.